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About us
嘉蘭金融服務有限公司一直将安全,公平,公正作为公司的经营理念。认为个人客户与机构客户一样宝贵。嘉蘭金融采用最高标准的服务,最新的商务形式和革新技术,对既有模式进行创新和变更,向客户提供完全电子化交易环境。包括保证金交易、资产管理、 高频交易和智能交易、并提供卓越的交易功能、充分的市场研究、深度流动供应、快速交易能力和良好的IT可扩展性、以及极低的交易成本,为所有客户提供业内最为透明安全、公平、公正的交易环境。锦丰国际竭尽全力为广大个人客户及机构客户提供最快捷、方便、值得信赖的个性化专业服务...       Learn more>>
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The most popular trading platform

  • Multiple personalization settings

    The system allows customers to set transactions according to their personal preferences

  • Check account activity instantly

    All account information is updated in real time, customers can instantly view the complete status and records of account transaction items

  • Automation

    The trading platform automatically calculates the maintenance margin required for the current position for the customer

  • Personalized risk management

    When the market price moves in the direction that is beneficial to the customer, the stop loss price will be automatically adjusted. Convenient for customers to lock in profit