Company Profile

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED The main business department is in Asia, and the business framework is extended to the entire Europe and Asia. JALIN FINANCE aims to achieve a very competitive transaction cost, which is the core spread and Low-level handling fees enable customers to obtain the greatest profit margins in transactions. At the same time, JALIN FINANCE actively invests in research and development to improve the transaction needs of end users. JALIN FINANCE provides more than 80 kinds of trading products for customers to choose from, coupled with strong expansion and integration capabilities, attracting a large number of retail investors and professional institutions. JALIN FINANCE adopts advanced patented high-frequency trading and quantitative trading strategies to create a huge transaction volume through the management method of gathering less and making more. At the same time, the commission-based model is the most ideal model for any pure execution brokerage business.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED has always regarded safety, fairness, and justice as the company's business philosophy. Think that individual customers are as valuable as institutional customers. JALIN FINANCE adopts the highest standard of service, the latest business forms and innovative technologies, innovates and changes existing models, and provides customers with a fully electronic trading environment. Including margin trading, asset management, high-frequency trading and intelligent trading, and provide excellent trading functions, sufficient market research, in-depth liquid supply, fast trading capabilities and good IT scalability, as well as extremely low transaction costs, for all Customers provide the industry's most transparent, safe, fair and just trading environment.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED is not a market maker, so it will not harm the interests of customers, on the contrary, it will protect the interests of customers. JALIN FINANCE will faithfully fulfill its commitments with customers and do its best to protect the best interests of customers. JALIN FINANCE promises to ensure the safety of customer funds and conduct business activities in strict accordance with relevant EU laws and regulations.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED cooperates with many well-known international financial institutions all year round, and has been committed to providing individual customers and institutional customers with a safe electronic trading environment, comprehensive trading functions, adequate market research, high transaction speed and good Extensibility. The trading platform provided is currently the most advanced and widely used MT4 trading system in the world. The market quotation, transaction situation and account information that customers need to know are integrated in one interface, which is simple and convenient to operate. The core of JALIN FINANCE's quotation structure is no price manipulation, so that all customers can benefit from it. This quotation policy applies to all trading products, and all transactions are directly entered into the market, enabling customers to directly trade with more than 80 liquidity providers. JALIN FINANCE provides customers with a full range of 24-hour online contact and telephone services, suitable for both individual customers and institutional customers.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED uses the most sincere attitude to maintain long-term cooperative relations with customers, and makes every effort to provide individual and institutional customers with the fastest, most convenient and trustworthy personalized professional services.