Our Advantage

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED provides high-end financial investment products and margin foreign exchange trading services to customers all over the world. In Asia, North America, and Oceania, there are dedicated trading servers to ensure the normal and high-speed operation of the trading system; providing investors with a reliable, stable and correct trading service system is also our commitment to our customers. JALIN FINANCE's reputation and quality have been unanimously recognized by customers and partners, and it enjoys a recognized leadership position in the industry.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED can not only achieve low-cost transactions, but also has more than 80 trading products to choose from. Jinfeng International uses strong IT integration capabilities to provide highly competitive prices. The advanced patented high-frequency trading and quantitative trading strategies adopted have created a huge trading volume through the management method of gathering less and making more. The IT infrastructure used provides technical support for high-frequency quantitative trading, so that it can process 10,000 transactions per second, which is an unmatched advantage in the industry.

JALIN FINANCE SERVICE LIMITED has a strong IT technical team. Jinfeng International's online account opening is simple and fast. You can open an online account at any time 24 hours a day after simply registering on the JALIN FINANCE website. It is completely unnecessary to fill in many treaties and submit a lot of documents. Customer login Jinfeng International's own account management backstage, 24 hours anytime to handle deposit and withdrawal procedures.