Why choose us

The foreign exchange precious metals trading market is the world’s largest financial product market, with an average daily trading volume of US$6 trillion, equivalent to 40 times that of the U.S. stock market and 700 times that of the Chinese stock market. Its main advantage lies in Its transparency is relatively high. Due to the huge transaction volume, the main funds (such as government foreign exchange reserves, transnational consortium funds exchange, capital operations of foreign exchange speculators, etc.) have very limited influence on market exchange rate changes. Similarly, the foreign exchange market has no specific location, no central exchange, and all transactions are carried out between banks through the network. Any financial institution, government or individual in the world can participate in transactions 24 hours a day. Then through foreign exchange margin trading, investors can use their own funds as a guarantee, and use the financing provided by banks or brokers to carry out foreign exchange transactions, and engage in large foreign exchange transactions with a small amount of margin. When the market is bullish, buy first. Sell ​​it later. When it is bearish, sell it first and make up for it to write off. Use very small fluctuations to earn the intermediate price difference and get huge profits.

Then when you choose to invest in foreign exchange margin, you will first consider the safety of your assets, then the reliability of the trading platform, and the customer service of the trading platform. Then JALIN FINANCE will undoubtedly be your first choice.

JALIN FINANCE can not only increase customer transaction volume and traders' profits, but also reduce transaction costs. This is exactly what JALIN FINANCE pursues. JALIN FINANCE will not make a market, unlike other financial companies, Jinfeng International will not harm the interests of customers, on the contrary, it will protect the interests that customers should receive during the transaction. The core of the company’s quotation structure is no price manipulation, so that all customers can benefit from it, allowing you to be completely anonymous, in a completely transparent, highly liquid trading environment, through direct market access without traders Platform, the quotation policy is applicable to all asset classes, transactions are directly entered into the market, with ultra-low latency, exposure to various major currency pairs, small trading volume currency pairs and foreign currency pairs markets, and more than 80 first-level And secondary derivatives, and commodity exchanges, and allow you to use lower transaction costs to profit from international inter-bank spread trading.

In addition, the first step to successfully navigating financial markets is to have the right tools. Jinfeng International has been committed to providing individual customers and institutional partners with a completely secure electronic trading environment, comprehensive trading functions, adequate market research, high transaction speed and good scalability. The trading platform provided is currently full The most advanced and most widely used trading system in the world. JALIN FINANCE is constantly committed to improving the trading environment and improving the quality of service. It relies on the powerful MT4 bridge technology to integrate the Metar Trader platform with Jinfeng International’s advanced intelligent order transfer system and aggregation engine. The system can process every second in the MT4 environment. 10,000 transactions integrate the market quotations, transaction conditions, and account information that customers need to understand in one interface, which is simple and convenient to operate.

Secondly, JALIN FINANCE is constantly committed to improving the trading environment and improving service quality. JALIN FINANCE provides customers with a full range of 24-hour online contact and telephone services. JALIN FINANCE is suitable for both individual users and institutional users. The company uses the most sincere commitment to maintain long-term relationships with customers. JALIN FINANCE has experienced professionals, facing customers in 25 countries and regions in the world, and doing its best to provide investors with the most efficient, convenient and trustworthy personalized professional services. Not only that, in order to meet the needs of different regional markets, JALIN FINANCE continuously improves service quality, achieves business diversification, and has a multi-lingual customer service manager team. You can contact us 24 hours a day through online customer service, e-mail, or even telephone, and our multi-lingual professional team is always ready to help you.