Mobile trading platform
JALIN FINANCE Mobile trading platform

The mobile trading platform allows customers to manage their accounts and conduct transactions through their mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs at any time. The mobile trading platform provides complete trading account management and analysis options. When customers cannot use desktop computers, the mobile trading platform provides customers with a real-time connection to the trading account. Customers can understand the real-time market conditions and conditions at any time, analyze this information, and implement transactions. Scan and install Android and IOS mobile terminals through WeChat and browser.

●Real-time quotation of financial instruments, a full set of trading orders, including pending orders.
●Trading directly from the chart, you can use more than 800 servers of various foreign exchange brokers.
●Support the most popular mobile operating systems, such as Android phones, Android tablets, iOS for iPhone, and IPAD can be installed and used normally.
●Support all types of execution modes, complete trading history technical analysis.
●Convenient to zoom and scroll real-time interactive charts, including more than 30 technical indicators, optional column chart, Japanese candle chart and line chart. Convenient and friendly user interface.
●The transaction level and volume are in offline mode on the chart, and foreign exchange transactions can be enjoyed at any time around the world.